With a collective experience of more than 25 years, 360° Print & Design Studio entered the market with a clear vision of what we can offer in the advertising market.

Our initial mission was to enter the large format advertising messages market. The plan was to assist your advertising message pop-out, by using only the highest quality materials, pristine printing and state of the art installation, exactly at the time you needed it. Artistic consistency and punctuality in delivery.

As everything in life evolves, so did we and nowadays we offer the holistic advertising exposure your brand deserves in high-end artistic design, brand profile, indoor and outdoor advertising, combined with innovative approach to the communication issues your brand might face.

So, on the question what 360° Print & Design Studio is, the answer is quite simple. We are your associate, your partner who sees your communication needs, spherically; in 360 degrees. The partner who will suggest and deliver the most appropriate tool and the finest application method.